Aladdin’s bottle

13th February 2018

Well our new bottling line has arrived! We are very excited about this as we will be able to do most of our beers on site. Up until now we have had to outsource the packaging of cans and bottles.  This has been relatively expensive, and has meant we hold fewer products than we would like. This is a much better and more exciting solution!

Our next challenge is to figure out how to work and install it!!!

In other news we continue to be very busy. In Jan we brewed an incredible 380ish casks. That was a serious amount of grain and beer to put into casks! As one of Surrey’s breweries we are keen to keep innovating and as such we have a new beer due for release at the end of the month. – Washington Gold. A Simcoe hopped 3.8% golden beer with heavy hop additions. More to come soon! In the meantime I hope you like the design!!


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