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The only way is up (baby) for you and me now

Most of you will have seen that we have planned (at least for the last few months) to substantially grow the brewery. The challenges we have faced are very similar to the likes of other business that have been fortunate enough to grow quickly. Put simply we cannot produce enough, and the good news is […]

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The King is dead, long live the king

Well after a few traumas, this week we launch our first “kegged” beer. It’s something we are very excited to do and has been on our radar for a long time. For the uninitiated Kegged beer (at least for us anyway) is made in the same way as cask. However, it is unfiltered, un – […]

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There’s no place like home…

Well the good news is, we think we have a new home, – the bad news is that we will no longer be in the centre of Dorking šŸ™ As we have expanded the need for much more space has become apparent, our cold room isn’t nearly big enough, brewing, racking and delivering on the […]

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Cans are the light

Well the good new is that the Buffalo Cans have been a storming success, – so much so that out of the 2600 we had produced we are down to only 9! Absolutely amazing, and we are delighted. Our current plan is to can another 2600, but of Pilcrow Pale Ale in Jan. This new […]

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Nice problems to have

  Well the website has been up for a few weeks now and I thought I ought to give an update on how everything has been going. In short we are doing really well, and are consistently producing around 6000 litres of beer a week. That is an awful lot for such a small brewery!! […]

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Sat 29th Tap Room and Street food 12 – 6PM

Sat 29th October we will be opening our fermentation vessels for lovely fresh beer. Ā£3 a pint, or Ā£2 for a half. Lovely pulled pork sandwichesĀ provided by Saltbox and Dorking Butchers. Come and enjoy our famous porter Black Noise, and our new light hoppy beers direct from the taps! Sign up on facebook today to […]

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Open Day Success

I just wanted to write and thank so many people for coming to our first open day. It was manic, and it was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to see so many people enjoying our beer from across Surrey and London.   The food from Saltbox in Dorking, and Dorking Butchers was brilliant. […]

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Saturday 24th July

Welcome to our brand new website. It’s been a crazy 6 months since we took over from the previous owners but so exciting. We have our new beer designs, cans arriving next week, a shiny new van, and a brand new team! As I am sure you can all imagine there is a lotĀ more stillĀ to […]

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