Well the website has been up for a few weeks now and I thought I ought to give an update on how everything has been going. In short we are doing really well, and are consistently producing around 6000 litres of beer a week. That is an awful lot for such a small brewery!! This is however causing us a few problems with capacity.

We are awaiting planning permission but we hope to move to a¬†converted farm building nearby that is almost double the size. It’s very exciting because from Day 1 we plan to have a proper tap room built in. This means that people can come and enjoy our beers and some great food much more often than at the moment! It will also allow us to produce much more beer than our current site.

We will also (this Dec) be squeezing in another large fermenter. This is to allow us to do a wider selection of beers and help drive the great growth we have seen.

Our next Tap room Day is Sat 3rd Dec, 12 – 6 PM. Do come down, great street food, fantastic beer and (I hope!) great company.




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