There’s no place like home…

5th February 2017

Well the good news is, we think we have a new home, – the bad news is that we will no longer be in the centre of Dorking 🙁

As we have expanded the need for much more space has become apparent, our cold room isn’t nearly big enough, brewing, racking and delivering on the same day is turning into a major head ache as we all trip over each other! Trying to find warehouse space suitable for a brewery in Dorking is almost impossible. We need well over 2000 sq ft which is twice the size of our current premises, and sadly there just aren’t warehouses that big near the centre of Dorking.

We have, however, found a lovely farm in Capel (which is approx 4 miles outside of Dorking). The planning permission has been approved, and over the summer some fairly substantial work is going to be carried out to make it fit for purpose. What it does mean is that we can have a dedicated tap room, shop and more space to brew. We are very excited, but also somewhat apprehensive of all that a move entails!

The business continues to perform really well, our beer is in more places, more often. We are double the size we were last year, and our cans are literally flying off the shelves. In the interim this will mean we need to contract brew some of our beers as we simply don’t have the capacity. These brews will be done using the same ingredients, hops, and overseen by our brewers to ensure the best quality. In the medium term, we hope to get some bigger kit so we can keep brewing in house. – More of that however another time!

In the meantime feel free to pop by, – we are open from around 0800 – 1700 Mon – Fri. Usually best to give us a call first if you can. We have cans and take away beer available direct from the brewery.

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