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by Dorking Brewery

Well after a few traumas, this week we launch our first “kegged” beer. It’s something we are very excited to do and has been on our radar for a long time.

For the uninitiated Kegged beer (at least for us anyway) is made in the same way as cask. However, it is unfiltered, un – fined, and slightly carbonated. At this point it is put into beer kegs rather than casks. These are good because they are stored under pressured gas with a one way valve. This means that the beer is always really fresh, and for the retailer it means they can keep it for several weeks. Cask beer starts to go off in as little as 3 – 4 days. This can result in significant wastage if a pub has a quiet patch.

For a brewery like ours it is a new incremental product that we believe compliments rather than replaces cask beer. Much has been made of Cloudwater breweries recent decision to cease cask production. They sighted the lower price realisation, and high labour costs of making cask beer. At Dorking Brewery we are proud of our cask beer and are keen for it to be a core part of our business. That being said we firmly believe “Keg” beer has a strong future in the UK. A cursory look to the United States and Germany show just how great Keg beer can be.

So to start with we will have Pilcrow Pale Ale, Red India, and our new Wheat Beer – Lunar White all available in Keg. As we continue to grow we will launch more new products in Keg.

In the meantime we hope you get a chance to sample some of our new beers. We are very excited by Lunar White!

We hope to update you more about our move plans in the coming months, – as with all these things there is a huge element of complexity (and finance!) involved.

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